Overview of all of my major projects
Screenshot from my literacy project video game

Over the semester, we have had three big projects. Those projects are the literacy project, the inquiry project, and the remix project, and each one had very different objectives and different results. All of my projects are drastically different from one another; my literacy project is a game, my inquiry project is an essay, and my remix project consists of a snapchat story video and a diary. Despite those big differences, they each address something we have learned about in UWRT in a unique way.

The literacy project, for example, covered a literacy narrative. Literacy narratives are supposed to be critical pieces of work that analyze how you came to be literate in a certain area. This includes discussing your experiences and strengths and weaknesses. For my project, I chose to discuss how I became literate in programming. I think that this was a great choice, because programming is just a system of languages not too different than the ones we speak on a daily basis. Having that similarity made it a lot easier to develop my narrative and discuss the intricacies of it.

I took an interesting route in completing my literacy project. I chose the “multimodal” option, and made a video game. I think that this was a great choice; not only does it show off the programming skills I talk about throughout the narrative, but it lets you play through and experience the story that I am telling. While creating the game was a lot more work than simply writing an essay would have been, I am very happy that I chose that route and am very pleased with the final product. I think that those factors made this project my favorite out of all 3.

For the inquiry project, we had to form an inquiry question and then attempt to answer it in a research paper. My initial inquiry question was “Is a University Education Necessary?” but it changed over time as I began writing my paper and doing more research. By the end, my paper was about the rising cost of college education and how we can deal with it. My remix project was focused on that exact issue, and I created a snapchat story video and a diary to show the issue in a different genre.

Literacy project:

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Innquiry paper:

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Snapchat story remix:

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Diary remix:

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