Connecting my experiences to the world around me
Photo of network connections released under Creative Commons. (I thought it was relevant and nerdy)

Connections with other classes

One of the earliest terms we defined in this class was metacognition. Put in simple words, metacognition is "thinking about your thinking", and it's something I have had to do a lot in my Honors Colloquium course. It seems like every other assignment in that class was a reflection, and in each one of those you had to very thoroughly describe your thoughts and how you came to them. It got pretty annoying by the end of it

Connections with school in general

I made consistent connections between my daily life and the book we read in class. The books covers a lot of topics on how to be a good college student, and it really nails some of the struggles you go through, especially as a freshman. Some of the problems everyone faces at this stage are time management and stress. It is very important to budget your time well, so you can complete all of your assignments by their due date. Stress is also a huge factor, and it’s important to not worry too much about your grades, because an abundance of stress can just weigh you down more.

Connections with other students

For the inquiry project, we were placed in groups with other students who were covering topics similar to ours. This is when I made some pretty direct connections between our inquiry papers - 3 of us were all talking about how necessary college is! I had no idea that the topic that I had chosen off the top of my head would be so popular. This experience led me to a major rework of my inquiry paper into focusing more on loans, debt, and college affordability.